Love it when you call me legs

Howdy Y’all!

Gotta say I remain a tad uninspired on the blog-front. Do you think it’s possible to blow the blog-fuse in your brain?

Last week was pleasant from a shopping perspective. For the first time since I started my job all the way back in September, I actually had a decent amount of money left over that didn’t need to be allocated to something urgent and life-altering! This meant I was able to quench the ever-burning thirst to shop like a crazy person.

Luckily Topshop is 3 minutes from where I work.

Unluckily, an old friend of mine from school now works there and following my appearance in the shop there a couple of times every day all this week, she now thinks I’m either (A) A oblivious shopaholic, or (B) Stalking her.

Oh well … new rep is totally worth it after the clothes I was able to get. My wardrobe is now respectively filled with baggy rock-tees, slouch dresses, skirts, a couple of pairs of pumps and leggings. After hmming and hawwing and changing my mind every time I looked at my thighs in a mirror, I FINALLY gave in and invested in a pair of leather-look leggings. They were debuted on Friday night and I was happy enough that I’d pulled them off (eh, not literally). This is the only full-length shot I have, so please take into consideration that an end-of-night shot is never flattering…


Future note to self: Leather-look leggings are reluctant to stay in place. They will slide down. Remember to do constant ‘giant crotch’ checks and de-wrinkle legs.


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