In the Still of the Knight-ley

Anyone who knows me, knows that there are only a few people on this planet whom I really don’t like, and one of those is Keira Knightley (in fact I think I may have mentioned this in a post ages ago!!)

I found these pictures of her on Faded Youth a few days ago and now part of me wants to dislike her because she is now dressing like I do (not in a big-headed ‘omg Keira is like totally copying my style’ way, just in a ‘Argh, you’ve changed your style to my style and now it looks like I’m copying you’ way).

However, while having these crazy self-obsessed thoughts, I’m also going wow, maybe she’s not actually as annoyingly pretentious as I thought ….but then again, wearing grey jeans and a baggy knit does NOT prove that, so I’m going to continue disliking her.

Also get your own hair, Knightley …I’ve copyrighted that style!!! *shakes fist*

I recently bought The Edge Of Love with Keira and Sienna Miller in it. Twas quite good apart from Keira’s ‘Welsh’ accent. Also I think Sienna might have been trying to do an Irish accent and if so, that was also terrible!

Anyhoo, I loved the clothes…



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2 responses to “In the Still of the Knight-ley

  1. Stefan

    so, why do you dislike her? and what does it help? World Peace or something? Maybe you could try being a little CLEARER, and actually get a life. instead of talking about others. oh yeah, and try having your own style rather than freaking out about celebrities who happen to wear the same general article of clothing every once in a while.

    what say you?

  2. ChickNamedHermia

    I’d say you’re the one in need of a life…

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