Welcome to the Sixties

I had a feeling that once I publically said I had nothing to post, that all these ideas would come to me and I’d have to eat my words! I have an annoying  habit of my luck contradicting my words. As soon as I dedicate myself to something, fate will throw lego-buckets’ worth of obstacles in my way.

Not that post ideas count as obstacles …I’m just saying.

Anyway, I found these pictures on Style Rookie, who found them on Foto Decadent from someone who found them on Live Journal who found them from Sugarpie Honeybunch….or something!

But after a night out with some incredibly retro and sixties-inspired girls on Friday night (that means you Leah and Ciara!), I’m craving some short shifts, crazy prints,  beehives and “eyeliner and cigarettes” to quote the epic words of Lady GaGa …



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2 responses to “Welcome to the Sixties

  1. Proofread

    You are an editor and media monitor, and you cannot spell?

    I think the phrase you wanted to write is “fate will THROW lego-bucket’s worth of obstacles in my way”.

    Sorry, I know I am being terribly pedantic, but I *LOVE* this blog and you were an idol until I realised like the rest of us mere mortals, you *do* make mistakes here and there.

    Thank you for your insight and please keep up the good work!


  2. ChickNamedHermia

    Lol that’s hilarious!!!

    Although I think it’s a little harsh to start the comment with accusing me of being unable to spell!! *tut tut*

    I’m always making typing errors like that ….it’s partly because I’m listening to the radio, answering phones and emailing while I’m writing the posts, but it’s also cos I’m thinking too fast for my typing!

    I notice loads of annoying mistakes like that when I go through my old posts and even though it annoys me because it makes the blog look sloppy, I genuinely have NO patience when it comes to reading back over my work!!

    Thanks for your comment anyway and don’t let my lazy typing put you off my blog! 😀

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