The Film That Sank

In honour of my birthday, I had complete control of what  myself and The Boy went to see in the cinema last night. I chose The Boat That Rocked, having been completely won over by the trailers and music ….and the fact that Bill Nighy was in it ….and the fact that it was by the makers of Love Actually.

There was a mild panic that we were going to get there too late to get tickets, considering it was an advanced screening, but luck was on our side and we got two tickets, to what we then realised was a half empty theatre.

But I didn’t let a lack of public enthusiasm put me off.

This film was a winner: it just had to be!

Yeah, it wasn’t.

It was ok. Not bad. Got some laughs from me.

I wasn’t blown away.

It’s simply crawling in the shadows of Four Weddings and A Funeral and Love Actually.

I don’t know what went wrong!!!! It had a great cast, a good story to work from, amazing music (actually I think I might buy the soundtrack) and a colourful era to use and abuse in the name of cinema!

The script was just flat and the dialogue was missing the quick wit and clever delivery of Love Actually.

It wasn’t completely terrible. There were some amazing performances by Philip Seymour Hoffman and of course, Bill Nighy. Also Emma Thompson, the woman I wish be when I’m older, had an amazing cameo: that woman had about 4 minutes on screen and shone!

Also keep an eye out for an heartachingly emotional scene with Chris O’Dowd.

I’d say watch it …but don’t fork out for a cinema ticket!


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