Currently Obsessing Over….Urban Outfitters

I go through phases when it comes to Urban Outfitters. While I always like a good wander around the shop, there are certain times during the year when they have really amazing stock and my wish list balloons!

This is one of those times of the year.

I’ve been on an interior decorating roll recently and want nothing more than to change my world and mould it into something A-Mazing.

So here are a mere few of the things I want to go into debt over…


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One response to “Currently Obsessing Over….Urban Outfitters

  1. *sigh* All lovely.

    Ashley is on the cover of my copy of Influence because all the MK covers were slashed.

    And I saw Magnolia bakery on Paddy’s Day and really really wanted to go in and buy a cupcake but it was so packed I decided against it…

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