All The Boys Think She’s A Spy ….

I’ve been neglecting my movie collection in favour of books and clothes recently, but a HMV voucher given to me for my birthday reignited the flame and so I took a trip to Grafton Street after work last Friday.

Originally intending to continue to build my Scrubs collection (since only Seasons 1-4 of the Gilmore Girls can be obtained on this side of the Atlantic), I was distracted by Season One of How I Met Your Mother.

This is the show that had me obsessed last May. Believe me, it’s a bad idea to attempt to watch 3 seasons of a stellar show like that when you’ve only two weeks left to do a 12,000 word thesis. I watched all the episodes …can’t say I was as successful academically …lol!

Anyway …Boo and Urns, only Season One is available here right now, but hopefully the rest will follow suit soon.

So after my need for mindless laughter was filled, it was time to educate myself cinematically and I ended up in a dilemma as to whether to buy a 15-DVD boxset of Alfred Hitchcock movies or a 3-DVD boxset of Bette Davis movies.

Bette Davis won …there’s just something irresistable about those eyes…


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