Maid in Mahattan

I’m finding myself oddly drawn to the lazy simplicity of  Todd Selby’s collection.

His idea is basically to photograph a lot of people he knows in their homes to capture their essence …or something.

What makes me skeptical is that he didn’t think it worthy to capture the lives of people he knew who weren’t famous. Maybe he only has artists, PROs, writers and indie kool kats as buds …..or maybe he knew that by using the well-known and adored, he’d get a lot more publicity and make a quick buck.

Who knows?

Either way, some of the collections within the series are quite good, including the following of model Erin Wasson’s Manhattan digs:



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7 responses to “Maid in Mahattan

  1. suz143

    I would kill for an apartment like that in Manhattan!

  2. Ooooh I can explain why he photographs the people he does! It’s like a community. The people he photographs introduces him to other people like them who have cool homes he should shoot. So everyone is connected and those who don’t already know each other, get to know each other a little bit.

  3. And it’s just reeeeealllly convenient that they’re all famous …..

  4. lyndsay

    Well, they’re not all famous. For the ones that aren’t, it’s a great way to get themselves out there. For the ones that ARE, it’s cool to get a peep inside their home.

  5. They’re all in that same scene though …like not all are famous in the mainstream sense, but they’d be well-known in their world, even down to well-known PROs …lol, I mean, PRO Officers 😛

    I just think he should have stuck with everyday ordinary people, rather than the artistic elite!
    Although their cribs ARE bitchin’!!!

  6. Oh yeah, I agree they’re all in the same scene. That’s probably The Selby’s greatest downfall.

  7. We sound so cool!! When did that happen!??

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