Peaches and Cream

Further to my previous Todd Selby post, I just want to show you all the collection of pictures from Peaches’ lodgings in Brooklyn.

The pictures are of her and her roomies Bunny and Lily and really, it looks like a Nylon fashion shoot.

Granted I’m not Peaches’ biggest fan for a number of obvious reasons and also because of this interview, which LovelyDisco emailed me a few months back, but the girl is just so cool …on the outside.


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One response to “Peaches and Cream

  1. suz143

    On the “outside” is totally the correct way to put it! I read another interview with her recently and it made me loathe her more. For someone that people keep referring to as “bright” she really doesn’t do herself any favours when she speaks to journalists – AND SHE CLAIMS TO BE ONE.

    If I saw her walking down the street, I’d stick my foot out in front of her.

    Harsh, but true.

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