To The Kitchen With You

This isn’t the kind of this I’d normally talk about, but when I heard about it, it made me so angry, I couldn’t resist a post on it.

While listening to The Inbox on Dublin’s 98, I heard them discussing this article that was in the Daily Mail yesterday. The feature was called, ‘Why DO babies turn so many brilliant woman into slummy mummies?’

The writer commenced with her attack on woman who had ‘let themselves go’ once they’d had children. No longer did they regulary go to the gym, get their hair done and dress fashionably. No longer did they talk about important things in life and bored other people with talk about their children and nurseries.

She had some amazingly deep musings throughout the piece, such as…

When a woman puts her child first, she is making a choice.

For every mother with greasy hair and a flabby bum (even though she can afford gym membership) who has lost interest in herself and the world, there is a husband ready to go on the prowl.

WHY DO men sleep with their secretaries? Because they really do want to talk about work.

Now having just left college and having been 22 for a mere week, maybe this is an area that’s just out of reach of my understanding, but I really do think that is the greatest load of chauvinistic shitaki I’ve ever heard.

Children are life-comsuming. People who have children have to accept the repsonsibility that accompanies that decision.

Once you’re a mother or father, you’re no longer just a ‘me’. You have tiny beings completely dependent on you and they are what comes first …in my opinion, anyway.

Obviously you shouldn’t shut out the world, but to slam a working mother for not pumping time and money into her looks and claim that it’s perfectly understandable that her husband would cheat leaves me speechless. And to top it all off, say that a woman (who probably doesn’t even get a healthy amount of sleep because of her juggle of motherhood and work) who let’s herself go is at fault when her husband starts screwing his secretary!

I’ll admit that if a woman is a stay-at-home mother, well she can’t really blame motherhood for weight gain, considering it costs nothing to do some sit-ups while the baby sleeps. But this journalist was directing these scathing and ignorant opinions at mother’s.

Didn’t occur to her that woman under the pressures of being a working mother probably feels bad enough about the neglect of her appearance, without some uppity wench, who isn’t a stranger to pointing out all the stupid and pathetic things other women do, telling her that her husband’s going to cheat and it’s all her fault?

Did we suddenly go back to the 1920s and no one told me?


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  1. Well said. I agree entirely. Interesting article, but utter rubbish. Any women who prioritises her appearance over the care of her child scarcely deserves to be a mother. I understand why you were so angry.

    All the best,


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