Boys don’t make passes….

I was just listening to Dublin’s 98 and their One News featured a piece on a study done by researchers in Tennessee, which proved that we find people who wear glasses and contacts less attractive than people who don’t.

Is it just me or does that sound stupid?

Haven’t you guys heard of Geek Chic????



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4 responses to “Boys don’t make passes….

  1. Conor L

    I wouldn’t trust anything from a radio station with such an incomplete sounding name. Dublin’s 98? Dublin’s 98 what?

  2. I suffered so much from wearing glasses growing up! Contacts saved me.

  3. Rubbish. Glasses are totally sexy.

    It’s such an old cliche that is totally untrue these days.

  4. michelle

    whoo go geek sheek cati picnics!

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