What to do….

I’ve spent most of the day trying to decide whether or not I find Zac Efron attractive or a little creepy in his new spread for GQ.

He’s reminding me a bit of Casey Affleck, which isn’t good.

I do like the 50s styling for the shoot though.

Argh ….the life-altering dilemmas in my world, eh?



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8 responses to “What to do….

  1. 2nd and 3rd are yum… dunno about the first one though… torn I guess!

  2. I love the shot in the car… Mmmm…..

  3. Yeah the first one is kinda ….slime-tastic

    …..But the rest, I dunno …maybe it’s the fact his hair looks so greasy that’s putting me off!

  4. Conor L

    My god, he has unusual head and hand proportions to the rest of his body. Looks a bit like a Digimon character:

  5. He’s skinny. But also really built. How does that work?

  6. No.

    I know it takes all sorts but he could take a lesson from the Josh Hartnetts or Colin Firths of the world.

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