Home Sweet Home

I’ve spent hours upon hours daydreaming about my future home during the last week.

Yes, I do know it’s a couple of years down the line, but if I’m to get it the way I want it, I’m going to have to start planning now!!!!

You see when one is not loaded, one must slowly and  carefully accumulate all the items one would like to enhance ones home …..and stuff. 😀

Man I need to start saving

Payday is next week and as soon as the money’s in my account, I’m heading down to Urban Outfitters (the saving plan is getting off to a great start) to purchase this book:



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5 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Love the purple chez long (ue) can’t spell that word.

    I have my rooms themed with colours and my bedroom is such a pretty compilation of purples. That would work really well.

  2. My Nanny had a jug like that. I just got a warm, well fed rush over me. So nice 🙂

  3. Suz

    that gorge DAB vintage radio is SO expensive! I saw some of them in a shop in Monkstown – they are amazing though.

  4. Catherine, have you thought about maybe just moving into Urban Outfitters? I’m sure they won’t mind.

  5. I have thought about that actually!
    But a lot of that stuff is from Bohemia Design and Cath Kidston, which I really like, and Urban Outfitters probably wouldn’t let me bring them with me!

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