Pushing Daisies

After reading my friend Michael’s post on the wonders of various musicals, I came across a reference to Pushing Daises, which starred the wonderful Kristen Chenoweth of Wicked fame.

Myself and my roomies LOVED this show last year, and although I fell behind due to college stuff, I was devestated to hear that it was cancelled!!

This “forensic fairytale” is the most beautiful show (or film) I’ve ever seen. The cinematography is just stunning and amazingly Tim Burton-esque: a picture book come to life.

I wish my life looked like this….



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10 responses to “Pushing Daisies

  1. I loved this show. It was so innocent and lovely and Anna Friel’s clothes were to die for (no pun intended).

    So sad it hasn’t been picked up for another series.

  2. I know ….it was her outfits that led to a drastic rise in the number of dresses in my closet!lol!

  3. disconaplondon

    I was gutted when I heard about Pushing Daisies too. I had really started to love it and Anna Friel’s costumes were amazing. The amount of work that went into them and all the other visual aspects of the program was incredible really. Must have cost a bomb to make unfortunately.

    In regard to your post about homeware and stuff – I totally feel you on an almost obsessive interest in interior design. I love the exposed brick and wood floors.

  4. theboywhofoundfear

    I loved the colour also… and the narrator… and everything about it really….

    thanks for the Linkage!!!! Today has been my second most popular day 🙂

  5. Eve

    This was one of my favorite shows! I only started this year but I was entirely caught up and was completely in love with it. I was horrorstruck when it was canceled! It’s so very sad. But I heard there was talks of making a film to finish off the series.

  6. love this show too, her dresses are a dream 🙂
    The bicycle you want is beautiful, that was the one I wanted too but it really is too expensive for me. The yellow one I bought was only 25 usd so I couldn’t leave it there right ?

  7. I loved this show too and was so pissed when it was cancelled!!

  8. I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS CANCELLED!!!!!! *bawls*

  9. @Lyndsay – I prefer to use the term “not picked up” rather than canceled. I use the same term for Studio 60 and Dead Like Me. It means there’s hope.

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