The Best There Ever Will Be….

I had an odd morning.

It was Saturday, which meant I wasn’t in work and therefore had a lie-in.

Except I was up at 7:30am.


Because my mother was ‘bringing’ me to Easons to see Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart at his book signing.

For those who don’t know, Bret Hart is a wrestler who was huge in the WWF (the old and much better version of the WWE), who my mother adored/adores.

I do admit I was a pretty huge WWF fan as a kid, but it wore off as soon as it became commercialised.

Still it was kinda cool to meet a legend in the flesh…




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4 responses to “The Best There Ever Will Be….

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  2. thats actually quite cool 😀 except for having to get up early!lol

  3. Suz

    AH! I used to love him. Amazing!!

  4. Rob

    I was there too! Love the Hitman, but – was it ever not commercialised? As a fan for 20 years I can’t remember it not being! Great picture, glad you enjoyed it!

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