My Fashion Dilemma

Back in January, I blogged about this dress, which I bought in H&M when I was over in London. It was an impulse buy of the worst kind, and when I saw it all I thought was “Cute dress!!!It’s so comfy and squidgy!!!!” and not “Huh, baby blue isn’t a great colour on me” or “It’s a really big, poofy dress …when will I wear this” …where is my trusty logic when I’m confronted by clothes!!??

Well, as I predicted, I still haven’t worn it because belts just make it puff up on top in a non-flattering, rounding-of-the-shoulders way, and if it isn’t harnessed, the wearer looks like an elephant.

So considering I can’t walk around like this….

….or this …..

….or this ….

…I really don’t know if I’m ever going to get to wear it!!! 😦



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4 responses to “My Fashion Dilemma

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  2. Ah, impulse buys… I know the feeling.
    Hilarious pics, BTW.

  3. I’m so glad those Katy Perry pics were outtakes ‘cos she looks sooooo bad in them… Aw man, I’m SURE there’s some way you can wear it!

  4. Ah yes, I IB’d just the other day. Got the dress home and thought ” wow, it was so much prettier on the hanger”.

    I find that throwing a casual slouch cardy over these dresses that doen’t work as well as you hoped is the way to go. Just wear it out – be braze – you never know, you might love it.

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