Welcome to my Room…

You can tell a lot about a person by examing their personal living space.

The Selby’s latest photographic venture has been quite inspiring for me, and while I’m not half as interesting as the Indie Elite, here’s a peek into my world…


Getting started with a picture of myself.

Doesn’t everyone look better in black and white?

This is a chain from Topshop which appealed to me, because of the way the wooden cross and the little ruby heart (not real ruby, obviously) contrasted with the tarnished gold. It’s a bit noisy, so I don’t  wear it all the time, but it looks good with black.

A small section of my book collection, my carpet bag from Awear, which helps to make my life complete, my purple patent Clark’s shoes (which BROKE on me yesterday!!!) and Prit Stick, the cornerstone of my life.

My corsage, perfume and hat collection. Also some Roald Dahl cuttings.

Some more reading material….

My tripod clothes horse, the guitar I still haven’t learned to play and some storage boxes …love you Urban Outfitters!

My beauty products. Currently can’t live without Soap & Glory, Head & Shoulders Smooth and Sleek and Oil of Olay.

A picture from secondary school…ah, I do miss the old crew.

A vintage alarm clock, some more storage boxes and an abundance of DVDS.

My memory shoebox. Currently visable is an apology sheep, a quill and ink from Venice, my first flower, a ticket stub from Rent on Broadway and the box from my Cladagh ring ….also a glo-stick bracelet from our Hat&Rave party!

Ok, so that’s me. I now tag Lyndsay, Susan, Michael and Lottie.



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6 responses to “Welcome to my Room…

  1. These pics are fab! Your room is gorgeous! So up there with the Selby! Oh gosh… I have to organise my room a tad before I attempt this… but it will happen! Although technically this isn’t my room so… yeah.

  2. Great photos – I love your room – it’s chocker packed with personality. Mine can only disappoint. I share it with a boy who is particularly anal (no jokes please) about tidiness. I barely get away with having beauty products on the dresser.

    But this is definitely a meme I will do. Love it.

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  5. specialista

    im a new visitor to ur blog, and must say im REALLY REALLY impressed with what i see!! u r a whirlpool of talent missie!! adore adore adore ur room, its one of the best i’ve seen in a looonng while….keep up the good work!!

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