At first you were a dream but now you’re a Nightmare

I haven’t hidden my love for the Miss Dior Cherie ad campaign and after waiting a couple of months for leftover money and taking a trip into Brown Thomas once a week to make sure I still liked it, I was finally able buy it on Thursday.

I was so very excited.

One last smell of the bottle to make sure it still smelled pretty and summery and hurrah it did!

Handed it over to The Boy to make sure he liked it and hurrah he did!

Purchased a bottle, and when we sat down to dinner and gave a quick spritz to my wrist and it was absolutely divine!

A little later, I couldn’t resist applying it properly, and it was at this point that everything went horribly wrong. It was giving off this awful chemically smell, as though I’d used far too much. I popped into the bathroom to wash it off, quite upset about it but vowing to try again when I got home.

The next time I used it, it happened again and instead of smelling as pretty as it had in the bottle, it was turning to a chemically stench. I thought maybe it just wasn’t mixing well with me, until The Boy pointed out that it had smelled lovely on my the first time I used it!

I tried spraying some into the lid and dabbing it onto me, but the smell was actually worse.

Eventually I realised that if I kind of sprayed it into the air and walked through it or sprayed it above my wrist, the smell was more like what I’d originally fell for. However, it’s a pretty labourious process, which also involved a lot of waste …AND IT DIDN’T EVEN LAST!!!! After an hour I’d have to wedge my wrist up my nose to smell anything, which meant another tedious perfume application!!!

Je suis not impressed, Dior!



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3 responses to “At first you were a dream but now you’re a Nightmare

  1. I had a bottle of Miss Dior Cherie last year and I really didn’t like it! I only started using it when I ran out of all my other perfumes and the only reason I even it in the first place was that it was my mom’s way of replacing my stolen bottle of Dior’s Pure Poison.

    Right now I’m wearing Calvin Klein’s Eternity Summer because it’s really fresh.

  2. Disappointing and a wee bit strange. It’s usually better to spritz and walk rather than apply directly anway. You might not think that you are wearing enough but other people will. It’s something I’m a little paranoid about as so many people ask me what perfume I use. Surely the idea is that only your closest should be able to smell it.

    One of my favourite perfumes is Manifesto by Isabella Rosellni – It’s divine but it gives me the most excruciating headaches. I wore it for almost a year before putting two and two together.

  3. pc

    Basically, the rule is…
    Perfumes smell different on everyone and smell different to everyone. The scent changes according to your skin, your diet, etc. etc. In the past noses created perfume to smell great on the skin, but now with the pressure to sell in such a huge perfume market, they create the perfume to smell best on those paper swatches (even though we are not made of paper) because people are more likely to smell + buy perfume this way. Hermes is one of the only houses left still creating perfume for the skin.
    But as far as Miss Dior Cherie goes, I bought it when I was 14-ish, and now when I smell it I’m revolted at how sickly sweet it is. It almost makes me nauseous (one reason to spray perfume into the air, not directly onto your skin, because everyone has different tastes and you don’t want to accidently sicken people). But I did just buy the new Miss Dior Cherie L’eau, which although a variation on the same base smells entirely different. It’s not too sweet but it’s fresh and clean and almost soapy thanks to the orange blossom. Give that one a go on your skin. I was worried that after 5 minutes the smell was gone, but I do still get comments from friends on it.
    I would actually take the Miss Dior back and complain about it. They may just give you a refund.

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