My Kleiner Guy

Does it annoy anybody else that when you Google-Image-Search for something, you get 5,000 random pictures that have nothing to do with what you wanted? Especially when as soon as you even consider typing the word ‘girl’ in as one of the search terms, it chucks up tonnes of dodge-tastic pictures of women in suggestive poses!?

Well it actually worked in my favour today and when searching for something Yoga-related, the search engine suggested this picture:

It’s pretty awesome, right!?

The photographer is called Carl Kleiner and he’s a Swedish dude who has a great love of the random.

His photos vary from abstract to glamour to portrait to fashion and what I love about them is that they’re all so simple. No crazy eyes or painfully-positioned models. No super crazy sets or big names. Nothing too extravagant or try-hard.

He gets his message across with a basic image that he shoots magnificently.



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2 responses to “My Kleiner Guy

  1. Oh yes, I find Google image searching can be terribly frustrating and rarely delivers the results you want, but what a great find you made! I especially love the image with the umbrella in the marsh or wherever…so beautiful! ❤


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