Peace in the Oasis

Argh!!! I was walking idly by Oasis during my lunchbreak just there and noticed a Sale sign so wandered in.

Turns out it’s the best frickin sale EVER!

It’s a sale on their BRAND NEW stock!

I nearly peed myself with joy!!!…..but don’t worry, I didn’t.

Anyway, I managed to pick up the dress I’d been admiring from their lookbook which I never thought I’d get because..

(A) We hardly ever seem to get clothes from the lookbook in Irish stores (I’m talking to you H&M, you shameless tease!)


(B) Because I’m currently budgetising like a crazy potato!

You can see why this has excited me so much!

Anyway …I now own this ….

…and all for a cool €49*

Also gotta say I love the girls who work in Oasis off Grafton Street ….they’re ALWAYS so sweet and lovely and helpful!!!

*note to those who live outside Ireland: we get kinda ripped off here when it comes to clothes so that’s REALLY good for such a good dress in such a good store!



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3 responses to “Peace in the Oasis

  1. Great dress, really, I wish it was mine!

  2. Oopsies I posted on the wrong post.


    Hello summer! It’s lovely!


  3. oh you lucky girl! that dress is so lovely!!!

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