Can’t stop listening to…

Auditions from Bare.

I need the soundtrack for this musical but CAN’T FIND IT!!!!!! *cries*



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6 responses to “Can’t stop listening to…

  1. Is this a new??? Is that the girl from Spring Awakening?

  2. *links removed*

    Now add me to your blogroll! xD

    – Lora

    PS: If this isn’t the music you are talking about leave a comment on my blog or send me a mail: *removed*

  3. I’d never heard of that before, as usual you got me hooked…
    was constantly listening to bare yesterday…
    I need to get the soundtrack also…

  4. It was Joey aka The Bubble Boy (see above) that tipped me off AGES ago, but I only started listening to it properly a week or so ago!! I can’t resist a good Romeo and Juliet reference!!!

  5. Hm. I posted some download links but they were removed. Feel free to contact me *removed* or leave a comment on my blog.

    – Lora

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