Everywhere USA

Again I’m posting on the unfairness of the awesomosity of the American Urban Outfitters compared to the European one (which is still pretty cool).

But look at these US necklaces …..



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5 responses to “Everywhere USA

  1. Eve

    Wow those are really cute!! Im so happy I live in the US, I’ll have to stop by an Urban Outfitters now 😉
    Thanks for posting them!

  2. I HATE that about Urban Outfitters – I don’t even let myself look at the American site anymore, its too depressing. And on top of having the coolest stuff ever they are so much cheaper than Urban outfitters here – why is life so unfair?!

  3. Nic

    Those necklaces are awsome 🙂
    All i need now is a plane ticket … lol

  4. I have a thing for neckalces and chanins with clocks. I also have a hankering to find a really nice locket – I spy a potential there. Can you not order online? Do they not deliver to Ireland?

    I was in the UO in Temple BAr last week – they have seriously reduced their homewares/cool stuff section. What will I do for Birthday presents now?

  5. They do deliver, but the shipping charge is a bit ridic and it works out more than I’d be willing to pay for them!!

    I found a really nice clock chain in Penney’s a couple of summers ago ….it was gorgeous and had a few small charms on it too ….I still get a decent amount of wear out of it …and all for a solid €3! 😀

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