Fake it ’til you Bake it

Having bought a ticket to the Saturday of the Xposé Fashion and Beauty Expo, I expected to get a damn good post out of it for my blog.

I was wrong.

Not warned by the fact that the show itself isn’t of a great standard, nor by the fact the group of women who produce it seem unable to take a decent group photo, I forked out €20 for the promise of  lots of beauty goodies and fashion galore.

I can sum it up with the following sentence:

Fake Tan, Roysh?

I swear it was D4-city: population, Oompa-Loompas et Moi!

The visiting women were horribly OTT. Heels and hats everywhere …I felt decidely poor.

Oh, and I got one lame-ass goodie bag from from some fashion supplement in some Sunday newspaper.

Littlewoods were the fashion highlight.

Although I did spot some Chupi …just a pity it’s not my style.

Oh whatdya know …I did get a full post out of the horror that was the mere 20 minutes I could spend in the RDS.

On a lighter, brighter note, my weekend cinema-going was a roaring success.

Coraline is just pure gorgeous and was pretty scary despite its PG rating!

Wolverine was also amazing and completely surpassed the third X-Men installment!

So there you go!



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3 responses to “Fake it ’til you Bake it

  1. Those Expos can be a bit of a nightmare – I went to the Off The Rails one and really took all I had to get through it. I picked up some bargains though – so I suppose ti was Worth it in the end.

    And I really like Wolverine too – And Ryan Reynolds…Oh Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. The Dead Pool Movie is up next I think.

  2. Coraline… AMAZING

  3. Coraline has been made into a musical too! And I really, really, really want to see Wolverine…

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