Give me your clothes …Jenny Humphrey



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10 responses to “Give me your clothes …Jenny Humphrey

  1. Such beautiful clothes!!
    Every episode she looks amazing!!

    We are still waiting to hear if Mat has been granted – I am so impatient and its on my mind all the time!!
    The minute we find out I promise I will be doing a very large post about it (and maybe have a few cocktails!!!)

  2. If she gives you her clothes would you be so generous as to lend them to me the odd time? Definitely the winner in the GG style stakes – she always looks fabulous.

  3. It’s very unfair that one person gets to have so many amazing items of clothing!

    And yes, if she ever does hand over her clothes to me, you can all borrow them ….as long as there are promises not to steal them!!! 😀

  4. i love her style, both of and on camera. however, i liked her hair much better before she cutted it, and started using so much makeup..

  5. This is like the timeline of how she goes from sweet and innoceent to rock chic! love all the clothes still though!

  6. Her posture KILLS me but I love her style.

  7. I love Jenny’s style, though I do miss when she used to dress a bit more feminine, I wasn’t a big fan of the messy hair/overloaded black eyeliner look.

  8. She does look good in all these pictures, but I feel like she transformed from girly and cute to hardcore edgy super fast… and it’s just not working for me. I wish she’d get a hair cut and lose the exact same leather jacket + scarf look she always sports. The outfits you showed here are beautiful though!

  9. faisean-head

    Oh wow! Love the white dress!! I like Jenny’s style, it’s so much better than little bitch’s Blair!

  10. angeline

    omg ! i love her clothes so gorgeous 😀

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