Anything but death prorogued wanting of thy love.

I have a friend.

This friend has a problem.

This friend is actually a friend and not a really obvious cover for a problem I have.

My friend, let’s call him/her ‘Benji’, used to like a friend (again not me) and then had some kissage with said friend (still not me) and then realised that they didn’t really like the friend anymore (I think I’ll call the second friend Jessop).

Jessop felt the same way about Benji so all was good in the hood.

Until Jessop found a new romantic friend.

And Benji suddenly felt renewed romance towards Jessop.

(these names are starting to confuse me …lol!)

As soon as Benji told me the problem, I could relate. Back in the day,(lol I sound about 60) I was no stranger to odd, out-of-nowhere, jealous  desires.

Isn’t it funny how you can be uninterested in friends that are close friends until they find someone to have the heart-shaped-cookie-baking-sweet-times with?

A textbook case of wanting what you can’t have.

So are the loving feelings real or is simply selfishness dug up by a change in routine or is it the fact that someone else has taken what you secretly presumed was yours?




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4 responses to “Anything but death prorogued wanting of thy love.

  1. I get this COMPLETELY…..

    Ps. I just remembered we spend waaay too much time together… that must’ve been impressive yesterday when we said it at the exact same time yesterday….

  2. So just so we are are neither Benji nor Jessop?…

    *cough* sure sure *cough cough*

  3. Michael, you’re soooooo right ….we’re practically the same person at this stage!!! Are you excited for Mayo? Cos I’m excited for Mayo!

    And Lottie, I can’t believe you’d doubt me? 😛
    But I can safely say it isn’t my problem …..and if it was, I think my beautiful boyfriend might have something to say about it….lol!

  4. SineadRural

    Michael and Catherine are basically married.

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