Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them…

I’ve been following the Carrie Prejean story since it first hit headlines (and, more importantly Perez) and while I know that there’s been miles of writing on the subject, I still wanted to say something on the subject.

I did have to wait a while to do this so I could write it fairly, because my first reaction was pure anger: how dare the stereotypical American Blonde turn around on national television and say she doesn’t agree with a gay couple being given the right to marry?

The key word there is ‘right’. People have a right to be happy, a right to love who they want and be who they want. Nobody is demanding the right to a church wedding, because let’s face it, religions should be respected and gay marriage isn’t exactly celebrated in the bible. However. there should be absolutely no reason to protest a civil marriage for same-sex couples, considering that respects rights and not beliefs. Not allowing it, well, it’s just backwards.

I don’t hold beauty pageants in high esteem, but these girls are supposed to represent their country and their generation and their generation, which is also mine, is supposed to be open-minded and liberal. Yet here we are witnessing a statement worthy of  placement in the middle ages …or on a George Bush quotes page.

After some more thought, I had to acknowledge that she didn’t exactly condemn all gay people and did stress that it was just her opinion and stemmed from her upbringing. I also had to admire her standing up and saying something that she knew would backfire on her.

But then I listened to some more of her interviews and realised she really does have her head up her ass.

People have hit out at Perez Hilton for asking her the controversial question, saying it was unfair and pretty much sabotaged her chances. But other contestants were grilled on the problems in the banking system and health system, areas which were far more difficult to answer on, if not as controversial as gay marriage.

However, it is a current issue and apparently pageant queens need to be able to speak on current issues. And it also must be noted that he didn’t ask her what she believed, but what she thought of the passing of the law in each State. She could have easily answered the question by turning it into a speech on the greatness of America’s democratic system, and left her own personal opinions out of it, thereby not alienating the majority of people in the room.

But what has annoyed me even more was that she said she answered the question that way because of her religious values and beliefs. First of all, everyone will admit that some parts of the bible are a bit hardcore and outdated and secondly, the greatest message in the bible is love thine neighbour and do onto others and all that (I’m sure God loves how I just summed up his religion). I’m pretty sure it didn’t say “Love thy neighbours …oh well except for those gays!”

Another thing that bothered me, was that in every interview afterwards she claimed that she would have won if it hadn’t been for that question, basically saying that the girl who won didn’t deserve to, taking away from what she achieved.

Doesn’t the bible kinda try to teach us to be, oh I don’t know, modest and kind-hearted and unselfish? Maybe I missed the passage on being vain and in love with yourself.

And finally, I’m also unable to recall the commandment that said “Thou shalt be a giant whore and pose naked for photos”….



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2 responses to “Just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them…

  1. Here here!!

    “Thou shalt be a giant whore and pose naked for photos”

    It was one of the other ten commandments the the ones that moses smashed out of anger at the false god worship and all….

    God defo loved how he summed up his religion… that’s basically the message in the book of isaac, god gets jokes remember…

  2. Oh Book of Isaac ….you are truly my favourite of the books!

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