Strike a Pose

Another model/fashion programme.

Another attempt by RTE to copy shows that are successful in other countries.

Another programme I wasn’t going to watch.

Until Joey told me I should.

Because it was kinda great.

So I did.

Joey’s really good at mind-control.

It actually is really good!!!

It hasn’t got the wow-factor and the crazy shoots and high fashion of America’s Next Top Model and hasn’t got the crazy drama induced by the trash that can be found in Britain’s Next Top Model, but it’s still got something.

It’s accessible.

Erin is incredibly grounded and manages to be funny without being a headcase like Tyra.

The girls are just everyday girls. Nobody looks too weird. Nobody is unbalanced (well, we think). There’s no bitching. No tantrums. No “Omg Look at Me, I’m the next BIG thing”.

They’re really accessible, like when they went in for an interview with the editor of Harper’s Bazaar and none of them could name a single photographer. It reminded me of me in my Newstalk interview …I still cringe.

Actually, there is one girl that I really don’t like, partially because her name is Amber, and partially because she has Bitch potential.

None of the other girls are big-headed and being mean about everyone else, but she always seems to be on edge of screaming “I’m, loike, so totally awesome, roysh? I’m loike so totally going to win, so you should, loike, so totally all quit now, roysh?”. She’s easily the most experienced and her stage background really helps her in the tasks, but I just don’t think she’s likable. She reminds me of Nadine (Girls Aloud) when she was in the Irish Popstars.

Also she had this flick thing in her hair that really annoyed me.

And then I found out that it’s a wig, because she lost her hair from alapesha and now it’s really short.

I felt kinda bad.

But I’m not going to suddenly like her now because she had that. I’ll admire her determination, but I still think she has a stinky attitude.

I really loved three of the girls, and woohoo, they’re still in it.

My absolute favourite is Carrie Anne, who is this hilariously weird girl from Belfast with amazing eyes and an endearing quirkiness. I absolutely cracked up when she told the HB editor that if she couldn’t be a model, she wanted to work in the zoo and then just sat with a perfectly straight face.

That picture of her is from a competition she won in Belfast last year to be the face of DV8…not really sure how that went for her….

Anyway,  as well as Carrie Anne, there’s Laura who  is just unbelievably cute and sweet and I pretty much love her hair, and Sharon, who is again hilarious and has this ‘Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries’ charm about her.

I don’t think I’ve ever been looking forward to watching the next episode in an Irish programme before…



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4 responses to “Strike a Pose

  1. I want to see this just so I can judge! Are the girls actually model-pretty or do they look like the usual “Irish model”? Although with Erin O’Connor on board you wouldn’t expect them to.

  2. Me too! The ads did it no favours – “when I was little I was all mah baaags, mah shooos”. I definitely wasn’t going to watch it except my Mum vaguely knows one of the girls in it – now I’m hooked. Its surprisingly good. Carrie Anne is definitely my favourite and Amber my least favourite except I haven’t seen the most recent alopecia episode so I’ll see how she comes across in that. Going to watch it now on the new RTE player – its great don’t have to worry about missing an episode! You might be able to see it on there lyndsay? or maybe it only works in Ireland.

  3. Yeah, I think the RTE Player works outside Ireland, Lynds. Give it a go.

    Rumours abound that it gets very dramatic in the closing stages…

  4. C’est vrai??? Drama? Je suis tres ….excited!!!! 😀

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