Storm in the Teacup

I hate that my blog is resembling an emo’s diary recently (well, slight exaggeration there but I do seem to be a bit moany these past few days), but I do need to quickly whine about the fact that someone snipped our internet and internal network wires today in work, leaving me idle for FIVE HOURS! They wouldn’t let me leave, there was nothing I could do and completely out of character, I didn’t even have a book with me!

But when I eventually did get back online I had a nice surprise waiting for me from the lovely Jemima who had presented me with my very first blog award!!!

I’m thrilled to get such an adorable one, especially as I’m hankering after a set of teacups at the moment!!! Thanks Jemima!!!! 🙂

And now it’s my turn.

Picking a mere few out of the tonnes that deserve it….

A Spoonful of Sugar

Lovely Disco

Girl Meets NYC


The Yellow Elephant



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2 responses to “Storm in the Teacup

  1. Eve

    I’m sorry things haven’t been so great lately. I loved that little robot picture, so cute!
    I tagged you:


  2. Congratulations and Thank You for the award! 🙂

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