A certain ‘je ne sais quoi’…

I finally managed to get through some of my May magazines yesterday and was a little wowed with the standard of American Elle’s photographs.

Drew Barrymore was featured in a beautiful underwater shoot, while the stunning Nora Arnezeder dazzled in this gorgeous editorial designed by Karl Lagerfield:

Nora is incredibly captivating and I very much want to see Paris 36 now.

Here’s an extract from the interview…

“Born in Paris and raised in lavender-scented Aix-en-Provence with a teenage stint in Bali, Arnezeder recently sashayed into the European spotlight with a scene-stealing role in the art-house flick Paris 36 (now showing stateside). Set during the strikes and upheaval of northern Paris in 1936, the film follows three unemployed ­theater workers attempting to revive their shuttered, beloved stage, the Chansonia. With her heartbreaking voice and man-melting dimples, Arnezeder’s Douce quickly becomes the theater’s—and the movie’s—main attraction. “I love Douce because she truly evolves. In the beginning, she’s really a girl, but she becomes more and more of a woman,” says the actress, in heavily accented English.”


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