Sweet Everythings

“No, you weren’t good luck …you were fate…”



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5 responses to “Sweet Everythings

  1. WHAT’S THAT QUOTE FROM?! It’s lovely.

  2. This is such a gorgeous picture and quote!! Ah they both melted my heart!!!

    Wooo darling what dates will you be in Paris??
    Hopefully at the same time so we can meet up for some cocktails!!!

    Im so sorry I am so slack at commenting. I don’t comment your darling blog often enough! I really do adore it and read it all the time! (and you are such a sweetheart!)


    ps. Arrive in australia in 14 weeks!!!!

  3. “Love indeed. Whoever invented love ought to be shot” Nancy Mitford.

  4. Awh …don’t ruin the buzz, Mary-Laure!!

  5. theboywhofoundfear

    they ought to be shot… true story…

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