Catch Up, My Dears

Ah I was such a lame blogger last week, but between having a stomach flu and having to work earlier (and longer) shifts in work, my creative juices were well and truly sapped.

Not that I usually feel amazingly and awe-inspiringly creative, but you know what I mean!

So a quick catch up of last week now…

Monday: Starting to feel sick.

Tuesday: Woke up very sick and couldn’t go into work.

Wednesay, Thursday, Friday: Up at 5:30am for work while unable to take my head out of the toilet for more than an hour at a time.

Saturday: Felt slightly better and so made a trip to HMV to invest in some new DVDs. New additions to my collection include The Brady Bunch Movie, Brick, Empire Records and A Little Princess. That evening was spent in The Boy’s house having a childhood-inspired night with sweets, crisps and ice-cream. The Boy watched The Goonies for the very first time and we both reminisced with The Karate Kid.

Sunday: Spent the day being too hot and cranky (lol, how will I handle Oz!!!???) and wasted some nice afternoon hours away in Starbucks. Watched That Thing You Do that evening and continuing my Meg Ryan obsession, followed it with City of Angels, which left me in tears. How embarrassing!!!! I only started crying about 18months ago ….true story.

So that was my week ….more posts to follow ….I promise! 😀



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4 responses to “Catch Up, My Dears

  1. You poor thing! I hate having stomach flu!! Especially having to go to work, ugh! They owe you!!

    I LOVE that thing you do!! greatest movie!!
    (I am lying on my bed with my fan on high facing straight at me- this heat is too much!! And I am used to the oz heat which is usually 10 degrees more then this!! – its 36 degrees here today :p)
    How will we survive haha xxx

  2. Aaaw I’m sorry it was such a crappy week – hope this week’s better! 🙂

  3. I was going to scold you for your lack of dedication. But that sounds awful You por thing!

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