Ahhhhhh look at how cute Selena Gomez is in the recent issue of Teen Vogue!

Bless her cotton socks….



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6 responses to “Magical

  1. She is SOOO cute with Taylor Lautner!!

  2. Aww she looks cute. She reminds me of Emma Watson… 🙂

  3. yes, she is beautiful! her outfits are so colourful and funny looking!

  4. thank you so much for your lovely comment! means the world 🙂
    your blog is such a wonderland of beauty. i just saw these pics of selena today too. she looks so youthful and sweet. i’m glad they didn’t try style her older than her age.
    p.s i love your header and layout.

  5. She looks adorable. And the best thing is, they haven’t made her up to look infinitely older for once. Three cheers for her actually looking her age.

  6. Grr. Selena Gomez annoys me so.

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