The song that’s currently stuck in my head…



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3 responses to “The song that’s currently stuck in my head…


    Darling! We will be arriving in Paris on the same day!!!
    We arrive (at night) on the 16th and are there for 6 days haha, great minds think alike!! So sometime amongst meeting his family (French people are lovely – they just force you to eat lots of food!!!) we need to get together for a drink if you like.

    I said to Mat, even though we will be leaving very soon, I want to go say goodbye to paris (i have a flair for the dramatic!!)

    The kitten is so precious. It is currently playing with its feet – he is completely mesmerized by them!!

    I am exactly like you when it comes to packing. I guarantee I will be beyond over packing when I go to paris, let alone to aus!! I have so many clothes that I have either bought (and never worn) or family have sent me clothes from home that haven’t left the parcels!! Haha I am terrible. Hopefully the airline wont notice a few extra (hundred) kilos!!! I can dream!!


  2. This is one of the most underrated films of all time!

    I love the Wonders!

  3. theboywhofoundfear

    I miss that film…. haven’t seen it in so long…

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