Sentimental Heart

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Zooey Deschanel ….a lot.

This past week I’ve had all her songs on repeat. Every now and again I get this urge to listen to her …her voice is just amazingly unsual ….very addictive!

So here’s some Zooey ….



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8 responses to “Sentimental Heart

  1. French and Irish is a good combination!! Does he speak french?

    I’ve been away for just under 2 years! So yes my family is definitely excited i’ll be home soon. (It was a bitter sweet getting the visa – im sooo happy and my family were so thrilled, but then we had to tell mats parents that they only have 14 weeks left with their son!! ah well, they can visit haha)

    You will be fine with the frenchies ahah! say “enchante” when you meet them!!

    (I adore Zooey!!)

  2. Haha I wouldnt let you meet the family by swearing at them :p haha
    Its just polite when you meet the older members to say it (= nice to meet you.)

    Gosh you poor thing being apart for so long! I definitely know what that feels like! Mat and I were apart for a while on and off and neither of us could bear being apart and having to say goodbye constantly. So its definitely nice that I am with him permanently now (and you with your boy!!)

    If we hadn’t have got the visa i would have… cried, maybe hunted down our CO and commit a crime (joking of course.. kind of..) Honestly I have no idea. I tried to not think too much about getting declined. I think we would have moved to Aus anyway and try to apply again for it there. I am very glad we don’t have to deal with that!! Do you have any family members in Aus? I wish I could give you good tips about Perth but honestly I have only been to the airport! The good thing I know of is that it is very close and cheap to Bali♥ and they have my favourite afl player playing for their footy team (welcome to australia!! :p)

  3. haha sorry!! I really know nothing about Perth!!
    Its good that you can literally be free and move around whenever you want!
    What visas are you on? (not sure if i have asked this already)

    I’m from adelaide! Some people (from melbourne and sydney) that i have run into here in europe always make fun of adelaide saying how boring it is.. i personally love it. Its still a busy city but not swarmed with tourists and it has plenty of space!
    I know i’ll miss europe a lot but I cant wait to get back home!!

  4. Zooey is amazing. My boyfriend and I are in love with her. 😀

  5. Oh I adore Zooey, love her acting work and style, but oh never really heard her sing, until now. Thanks for posting this video, her voice is gorgeous, and now I have even more reasons to love her! 😀

    Thanks for your comment, and for sharing your thoughts, my dear! ❤


  6. Great album.

    And I hear whe will play JAnis Joplin in the movie of her life.

  7. Eve

    I love her as well! I only discovered her album recently, but I’ve been listening to it like crazy recently! So good…
    She’s just amazing!



  8. theboywhofoundfear

    OK I gave you the bare album so you need to make me a cd of her songs i’m in love with her voice…

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