“The space that I can call mine…is so small that my ideas have become small. I am like a caterpillar in a cocoon of paper; all around me are sketches for sculptures, small drawings that seem like moths fluttering against the windows , beating their wings to escape their tiny space.

Everyday the ideas come more reluctantly, as though they know I will starve them and stunt their growth.”

-The Time Traveler’s Wife


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One response to “Thoughts

  1. I need to read this! It seems beautiful!

    Ugh, I know running.. haha I hate it and I am so bad at it!! But I said to myself I want to go back to aus looking good (and without anyones knowledge that I actually gained a little weight while in europe haha) so running in the hot heat it is!!

    I forgot to ask, but I presume considering your meeting his family, but is your boy french?

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