I kinda want to be …Rachel Weisz



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5 responses to “I kinda want to be …Rachel Weisz

  1. Isn’t she stunning! And I just adore her accent so much – I also adore Kate Winslets voice! haha

    I love chekcing on your blog cause you always post lots so there is always fun things for me to look at!!

    Oh yes, I have done yoga and experienced the pain. My sister is obsessed with it and forced me to go with her all the time back in Aus.
    As for my friends, I know they all mean well but I don’t want to be forced to do things just because they haven’t seen me for 2 years (and i really dont want mat to feel forced to be friends with certain people when he is not used to the country and everyone speaking french- as opposed to just me!)

    Good choice on Perth then if its similar to adelaide (with no tourists!) Plus, lots of nice long, secluded beaches!!! Lovely ♥

  2. hahaha and here is another immediate reply :p
    My laptop is literally glued to my side (also it makes sorting through all my stuff so much more interesting!)

  3. thankyou for the comment 🙂
    i really want that playsuit i just don’t have £32 to spend on one at the moment, i suppose it’ll be in the sale soon 🙂
    have a lovely day xx

  4. ME, TOO!! She’s so gorgeous and a wonderful actress. The funny thing is, when i first saw The Mummy, i thought she was hideous. But then The Mummy 2 came out (yes i saw that, too…), and wow, i was blown away!!

  5. glamrocks

    Love that first pic of Rachel- beautiful!thank you for your comment! Audrey Tatou is one stunning lady!!Love your blog! x x

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