Tough Choices

Standing at your door
just as nervous as the first time
and you greet me with a kiss
how could you know that i don’t feel right
i wish there was a way i could want you
wish that i could be the right one for you
wish there was an easy way to say this

but these words are heavy on my mind
like songs that say goodbye

Songs that say Goodbye -Schuyler Fisk



Filed under General Observations, Music

4 responses to “Tough Choices

  1. thats a great photo.
    i love the dress and the frills.
    and how the photos black and white is really effective.
    becca x

  2. You’re perfectly correct that stressed is desserts backwards 🙂

    P.S Love. Love. Love. the picture. I have it saved in my pictures folder for ages. Natalie Vodiavona (can’t spell) is an absolute Russian doll.

  3. P.S Thank you for linking me as well 🙂

  4. P.S (Again)In relation to your Twilight comment, this poster seems better than the other one, even though the other ones aren’t too bad, this new one is quite lovely with the brooding vampire of hunky delight that is Robward and it illuminates the charms of Jacob/Taylor Lautner. I think I may be in love with him now 😛

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