Blue Steel only works in Zoolander

If  she wasn’t so bloody pouty it’d be a great photo!

I really love what she’s wearing …lovely dreamy pattern!



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5 responses to “Blue Steel only works in Zoolander

  1. Hello dear,

    In reply to your recent comment: aw, don’t worry, dear. Nothing is wrong, the only thing that saddens me is leaving you and all my lovely friends I’ve made through blogging.

    And I apologize for being kind of vague in my last entry, but I didn’t want to be overly dramatic and definite, seeing as I can’t foresee the future, and perhaps, I will return to blogging soon, though most likely not.

    I want to travel this summer, and not travel with a schedule, or with a tour group and guide, and not to stay in fancy hotels and within the boundaries of a resort…I really want to roam, in the truest sense. To immerse myself in the local cultures and lands, and not worry about tomorrow, but to simply live in the moment, and live it to the fullest.

    Anyway, downside of traveling: I don’t think my rather weighty desktop computer is going to be a very good travel companion, and who knows how often Internet cafes, or anything of that sort, I may come upon in my travels…so, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up this blog, for at least a while. 😦

    But who knows, maybe I’ll return to it someday. Meantime, I will miss you all, dearly, thanks for being the lovely person that you are, and for always being so kind as to read my blog and leave comments. Take care, my dear! ❤


  2. Gave you an award!

  3. I DO love Schuyler Fisk!! I saw some of her lyrics in one of your posts a few days ago and was shocked someone else liked her!! =) I’m getting frustrated because I can’t find her CD anywhere (only available on iTunes). And yesYES Joshua Radin is also great!

  4. she looks so gorgeous here….I adore that dvf ensemble!

  5. I LOVE that DVF jacket!

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