Hazy Lazy Summers

I’m a bit behind in my browsing of high street lookbooks and today I finally saw Awear’s Summer o9 efforts.

I have to say I’m very impressed with Awear in the last year or so, because they’ve really raised their own bar and have come from the cheap’n’tacky store I remember when I was 15 to a high street brand we Irish can all be proud of!

Even down to their new initiave in their Henry Street store, The Attic (I’m still a little bitter about that name and design being stolen from my make-over of DCU’s The College View’s arts section a couple of years back), which embraces young, new designers and provides shoppers with limited edition pieces! I do love walking down Grafton Street and not bumping into 12 people wearing the same thing as me!

You can see even from their lookbooks that they’re pushing themselves to compete properly with the likes of Topshop and H&M.

This summer collection is inspired by memories of hazy Irish summers …apparently in caravans.



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5 responses to “Hazy Lazy Summers

  1. I adore the styling!!!

  2. that’s how i want to dress in summer! wow, i LOVE those pics

  3. I really liked this shoot too.

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