Keeping my eye on …Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward and Patrick Demarchelier in Vogue India ….Tag Team Triumph!



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3 responses to “Keeping my eye on …Gemma Ward

  1. I really love this photoshoot. She looks amazing x Sushi

  2. Stunning spread!! So gorgeous!!

    Haha and I am not sure I thnk rob is goodlooking either. There is just something about him that I find so sexy. Maybe his air of arrogance or the fact HE is edward cullen – yes i think this is it. i have a crush on edward cullen, not robert pattinson!

  3. 지선미

    사진 검색하다가 우연히 들어왔어요^^
    전 한국에 사는 제품디자인을 공부하는 학생이예요
    다음에 또 들릴수 없을것 같아서 이렇게 댓글 남겨요
    좋은하루 되세요

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