Jane Fonda was Actually Cool

I was skimming through Perez today and saw a post about Jane Fonda and her explaination of this, apparently famous, mug shot ….

How cool!?

Take note Lindsay Lohan!

Apparently, on her way through the airport to speak at an antiwar demonstration at a college in Ohio, Fonda’s luggage was confiscated and examined thoroughly. Upon a discovery of vitamins, they arrested her on suspicion of drug smuggling.

Rumours are it was a conspiracy to get her bad press to either cancel her talks or stop people coming to them.




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7 responses to “Jane Fonda was Actually Cool

  1. This is perfection. Love the fist.

  2. it is like the perfect way to go to jail. jane fonda, how cool 😀
    have a nice weekend

    peace and love!

    Penny Lane ♥

  3. She was so gorgeous! Well, actually she still is.

  4. That definitely made me smile!

  5. PS. Thank you so much for your sweet comment – you really made my day 🙂

  6. Can you imagine? What a wicked mug shot haha, far better than the paris hilton/lindsay lohan drunken posing hah xx

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