Thanks for the header Lyndabell!

Just throwing up a couple of pictures from my super fun and super sunny weekend spent in the beautiful (if insect-plagued) Mayo.

I didn’t get many in the end, partly because I don’t trust myself with my Nikon-Baby when there’s wine around, and also because I felt mean subjecting my friends to everlasting reminders of their sweaty sunbathing and drunken frolics!

So unfortunately all I have to show are some pictures taken of everyone having the good times in the lake, minus the un-swimming-Me…

It was coming to the end of the day at that stage, so the sun was practically in bed when the pictures were taken, accounting for the lack of the much-mentioned glorious sunshine (which subsequently burnt my lily-pale skin to a smokey-bacon crisp)! Also the wind over the lake had picked up and even though it was a warm wind, it didn’t help flatter the people in pictures, such as myself in the last one where I was FINALLY testing out my new infra-red remote and Hurrah, it works!

Also for anyone wondering where they’ve seen that dress before, it was in the Awear Summer Lookbook I blogged about here.

If you weren’t wondering or couldn’t care less, tough! I love that dress and it’s very flattering when you haven’t just stepped out of a car after a 4 hour drive and haven’t copped the skirt’s netting is all bunched up around the crotch area …and when you aren’t being pelted by gusts of wind….just so you know.



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7 responses to “A-Mayo-Azing

  1. I like your dress.

    Not sure about your current brand of shampoo though. I’ll sleep on it and get back to you.

  2. i LOVE that dress – u look adorable!!

  3. beautiful beautiful photos! i need to get away from the city for a bit!


  5. Don’t question me, you brat!

    I am our resident fashion and shampoo expert, in case you’ve forgotten.

  6. That dress is so pretty!

  7. Sinead

    I love the cat

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