Good luck exploring the infinite abyss

I just read this on Belle Chantelle:

That’s kinda cool, isn’t it….?

Fingers crossed that I remember to stay up for it!



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5 responses to “Good luck exploring the infinite abyss

  1. It’s the seventh of August!

    Silly Americans.

  2. Lol I know …me and Lyndsay had to have that conversation earlier for a completely different reason, but yes, the Americans are backwards when it comes to writing the dates.

    Day/Month/Year, people …it makes sense!

    Obvioulsy I’m staying up for the 7th of August one!

  3. Better stay up on both dates you guys. I will be snug in my bed and read your blogs afterward.

  4. will it not just be the same at

    05:06:07 08/09/10

  5. No Michael, I think it’s the zero-number-zero-number thing that’s appealling!

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