A little letter to …Lauren Conrad

Dear LC,

Hey, Girlfriend!!! OMG, like, can you actually believe Spencer and Heidi, and, like, the total drama with them in I’m A Celebrity!?

I mean, like, no way, right?

It’s so great that you’re, like, so totally amazing and, like, so much better than them!

You’re just, like, so real and it’s so totally awesome how you’re always, like, ‘Whatever’ about them and always telling everyone who’ll listen how unbelievably fake and media-whorish they are!

I mean you’re, like,  so much more modest and dignified than them …that’s probably why, like, 2 totally real-life shows followed you around all the time.

And like, they’re, like, sooo stoopid, and you’re, like, really smart, because you’re, like, writing teen books to teach girls how to be all, like, empty-headed and selfish and blonde and how to act and dress like a sexually active 25 year old at age 12, so like, whatever Heidi and Spencer.

Oh and like, they don’t even have a clothing line and like, how could anyone forget yours. It was, like, so totally amazing, even if it was ridiculously expensive and was dropped because no one would buy it, but like, whatever!

Anyway, kiss-kiss, gotta run. Hair appointment.

Love ya!


PS: You were so the bigger person by going to their wedding because it was so because you’re like soooo nice and not because The Hills producers wrote it in the script.



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13 responses to “A little letter to …Lauren Conrad

  1. LOOL! That is, like, totally funny!

  2. theboywhofoundfear

    Oh Catherine. Possibly one of the only things we don’t agree on, and I’m a figment of your imagination so what does that say.

    I’m loving the “A Little Letter to…” concept though!

  3. LOL! haha i completely agree!!!! excpet i hope you really do hate “speidi” because i cant stand them! but EWW.. did you watch the episode where spencer was saying that ..and i quote.. “i’m too rich and too famous to be out here with these nobodys.” *pause*.. i’m sorry, are you not the REALITY tv show “villain” who everyone despises? how on earth he concluded that he was so rich and famous from the hills blows my mind! angelina jolie…brad pitt.. tom cruise? yes.. wayyy to rich and famous to be out in a jungle.. spencer PRATT.. ya um NO!
    apparently if perez hilton write about you that must make you famous 😉

    haha and i jus realized i wrote a huge paragraph about a reality tv show at 745 in the morning.. i think i need to go back to bed 😉

  4. Haha this is awesome! Who will you be writing your little letter to next? 😀

  5. Thanks Michael …I’m kinda loving it myself …you know I live for the sarcasm! 😛

    And thanks Meream! Can’t spill the beans just yet …you’ll have to wait and see 😉

  6. bwahahaha!!!!! well done!

  7. haha, this is hilarious! i love your blog.

  8. I’m loving these new letters! I pissed myself reading the Kirsten Stewart one but I LOVE Lauren Conrad so nuh-uh, NOT COOL.

    I still love you though.


  9. hahaha so true. i cant stand heidi and spencer though! i was addicted to the hills even though i know how scripted it is!

  10. lol! I had to totally, like, give up on The Hills becuase it was like, totally wrecking my head. And that wedding? It like totally makes baby Jesus cry!

  11. i love lauren. to my mind, she and alexa chung have the best style of celebrities ^^

  12. omg! i believe thats one of the most funny posts i’ve ever read! you totally made my day.

  13. hi lauren conrad i lvoe you so much i have ever dvd you have made i have the first a show you ever been on i have the first season of laguna beach and the second and i have ever hills dcd that is out i have a book i just made with pictures of you and i have tons of poster i hope that your clothing line is kool and i hope to see your clothing line in khloes

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