To Dye For…

My Fair Lady’s Candace and her boyfriend Chris have decided to start a new blog called Sunday Fun Day.

The theme?

Well the lovely couple will take pictures of each other each Sunday and post them on their site!

How cute!???

Here is Chris’ first effort…

Amazing colours, right!

Anyway, I’ll admit I have an ulterior motive in posting about this and that’s the fact I love Candace’s hair colour and as I’m planning to dye my hair for the very first time during the month, I think I’ve found a real possibility!

I’m a little unsure about how it will work with my own colouring, considering I have that crazy blush thing going on, but it just might have a cool enough base to contrast that…

I’ll think on it a while longer.


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One response to “To Dye For…

  1. You are darling and I love you 🙂

    Let me know how your hair turns out! I would llove to see it!

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