A little letter to …The Kristen Stewart Enthusiasts on Lovelyish

Dear All-the-Kristen-Supporters-who-commented-on-my-post-here,

Wow, you guys have opened my eyes.

I am such a hater. I really need to stop writing things that I feel and have researched very well just because I’m soooo unbelievably jealous of the people I criticise.

I mean if I don’t like something, I shouldn’t bother thinking about it or writing about it, because that’s how problems are solved.

I’m also so grateful that you pointed out that if I was to attempt to play Bella in Twilight, I would probably be terrible. I’m just so lucky that I was never so blind as to attempt to forge a career as an actor when I can’t act and hate crowds.

I just feel so guilty about pointing out Kristen’s bad attitude when she’s obviously so misunderstood. I mean, forget the fact that I had actually watched a vast number of interviews before writing the post, in which she rolled her eyes everytime she was asked a question that wasn’t “serious enough” for her and complained about all the Twilight fans. She’s so right: what right have they got to love Twilight and the actors, even if they are the ones currently funding her career.

 I really am just so horrible and shallow. Everybody knows that girls who criticise other girls just do it because they hate themselves and are jealous of the success of others. It’s nothing to do with the fact that the girl might actually have those faults.

I should just sit back from now on and say nothing when people act as though they’re the greatest thing on earth and teach people that you don’t have to be polite or nice as long as you get what you want.

And I also love you guys for making really intelligent suggestions for me to just not watch anything that might have Kristen Stewart in it if she bothers me. I mean so what if I liked the Twilight books or think Adventureland looks like a good flick: I should just boycott them.

I’m really going to try hard from now on not to be trashy and critical of people who haven’t done anything to me personally: that worked really well with Hitler.

Also you guys hit the nail on the head when you said Lovelylish were so wrong for posting my piece on their site; a site which is about beauty and fashion. Beauty is so only on the outside, and they really shouldn’t feature anything that criticises a lack of good manners or the absence of  inner-beauty in a person acting as a role-model to young girls.

I am forever in your debt, Kristen-Defenders,


PS: Thanks to the guy who said I obviously don’t know what a person looks like when they’re high, even though I said that other people had questioned her lucidity:  I’ll now make it my mission to experience what getting high is actually like so I’ll never make a mistake like that again.



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12 responses to “A little letter to …The Kristen Stewart Enthusiasts on Lovelyish

  1. I LOVE YOU!

    This is absolutely amazingly brilliant and hilarious.

    To sum it up it’s LOL ROFL even ROFFLOL


  3. Fantastic. I wholeheartedly applaud your post, and your first one. I read some of the comments about how Lovelyish wasn’t the proper spot for that kind of post and felt like they were being such judgmental assholes. Who are they to judge what goes on someone’s personal blog? And they’re yelling at you about being such a judgmental person? Pot, meet kettle.

    Anyway, loved this post and the other. Keep kicking ass.

  4. Anyone who can’t recognise this girls bad, ungrateful attitude has obviously been blinded by watching those awful ‘glittering vampires’ special effects.

  5. Lol it did actually look like he’d been rolled in vaseline and had someone throw some arts’n’craft glitter at him!

    But Twilight aside, the point I’m making is that she has a terrible attitude, and if it is because she’s so socially awkward, then she should never have pushed herself into a career that puts her in the public eye ….especially when she has no acting range!

  6. Ahh now she does have a range!

    ‘Sputtering out her lines to the beat of machine gun fire and blinking a lot’ all the way to ‘On the verge of a nervous breakdown’

  7. Catherine, you have outdone yourself. You should post the messages here. 😀

  8. jsan

    Brilliant!! I love how you cannot criticize her lack of acting ability without being called a “hater” – because we all know that all criticism should be avoided in this world. Everything is rosy and perfect.

  9. I think, personally, that Kristen doesn’t want to act any more, but her parents don’t want to lose their meal ticket. She hasn’t graduated high school, but she stated on Letterman that she dreamed of going to an Ivy League. Now, she’s smoking up on her front porch, rolling joints in public, calling her fans “psychotic” and “retarded” in interviews and we all wonder why.

  10. Hahaha great post. I thought I was the only person in the world who thought Kristen was incredibly annoying! x Sushi

  11. I feel so happy i’m no the only one
    who noticed her lack of gratitude and the fact
    that those ANNOYING(as she calls) fans are the ones that are making u bank!
    i hate ungrateful people.

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