The song that’s been stuck in my head…

The weather on Saturday was AWFUL!! Rain, rain, rain! Myself and The Boy had hill walking plans (according to him anyway, lol!) and they had to be put on hold! Because of that, we were trapped in our local shopping centre and after spending a couple of hours in our favourite food place, Eddie Rockets (1950s craziness!) we toddled over to the cinema.

We spend way too much time in the cinema.

So much time that we had seen everything that was showing except Star Trek and Hannah Montana.

It turned out that he hates Star Trek SO MUCH that he opted for Hannah…that’s a lot of hate, dude!lol!

And so I have had this song stuck in my head for the past two days…



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2 responses to “The song that’s been stuck in my head…

  1. What’s wrong with Star Trek?! *tear*

  2. theboywhofoundfear

    I do like this song very much…

    we spend waaay too much time together….
    I would NEVER go see Hannah Montana (and admit it)

    and I LOVE the new star trek…

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