A little letter to …Serena Van Der Woodsen

Dear Serena of Season 2,

Thank you for taking a stand.

Thank you for spurring on the feminist movement.

Thank you for trying to make it ok for girls to wear clothes that are incredibly unflattering to their shape.

Thank you for stepping up and saying, Hey, we can look like trashy tramps if we want!

Screw the fashion gurus who say you can’t bare your legs AND your clevage at the same time.

Girl Power!!

Lots o Love,


PS: I really think clown make-up will be the next big thing!



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5 responses to “A little letter to …Serena Van Der Woodsen

  1. uberfangirl

    Agreed. I was watching a rerun last night (Never Been Marcused) and she was wearing this blue, patterned dress that made her hips look major wide.
    I thought maybe the wardrobe people don’t like her.

  2. Great minds think alike darling!

    haha this was a great post! Serena annoys me, she has no depth.

  3. Definitely. Serena’s been dressed quite whorishly lately. And it’s a pity because there’s so much she’d look phenomenal in.

    I think Little J might need a letter too. Her makeup is just horrific.

  4. Serena’s wardrobe confuses me. Clearly she has a super figure – but they just seem to miss the mark. It’s even weirder becuase they get Blair’s outfits to bang on.

    I want Blair’s hair and wardrobe. Purlease!

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