Berry Berry Good

It was only a matter of time before Emma Watson became the face of Burberry.

Just like Rachel Weisz, she’s everything the label is: natural, chic, elegant, and most importantly, an English Darling.



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6 responses to “Berry Berry Good

  1. how beautiful is she!! i really never would have thought of her as a model.. i just dont think of her that way i suppose, but shes stunning. a perfect model for burberry!

  2. Those nude lips are not a good look for her… But I like her in Burberry.

  3. Uhm, I like it except for the middle photo where I think it makes her look like Victoria Beckham!

  4. zabetheli

    emma watsons model career has surely taken off recently hasnt it? i agree perfect choice for burberry. very chic. i think she pulls of the nude lipstick.

  5. I think I prefer her as a model because then I don’t have to hear her speak.

    Contrary to popular belief, I do actually like some actresses, I just can’t be having stage school brats

    Gorgeous photos though

  6. I know she’s georgous anway – but who ever did her make-up — I want them to come and live with me. Sigh.

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