Crying Hysterically in the Rain

I really need to begin planning what to bring to Paris ….we’re leaving at like 6am on Tuesday! Oy vey!

Also, it has to be incredibly strategic packing because myself and The Boy are sharing a suitcase to cut down on our ridiculous travelling costs. Seriously, you think airlines would be lowering prices during the recession, not piling the euro on!

So my camera bag and my carpet bag can be carried on. Camera bag can double up as a handbag, so that takes care of my wallet, passport, phone, hairbrush and lipbalm!

The carpet bag can take the must-have book, the make-up and some of the dresses, so if the suitcase gets lost, I’m prepared. The suitcase can take everything else; the rest of my clothes, hairdryer, shower products and the things I don’t want to be put on display as I go through security, like underwear!

Ok, I’ve just checked the weather and I’m kinda p*ssed off (pardon my language) because the majority of the week is going to be the ONE type of weather I hate the absolute most: raining AND hot.


High humidity, high level of precipitation, high temperatures.

I actually feel sick.

And no longer excited about my trip.

Also this makes my packing bloody complicated and forces me to bring an abundance of hair products to try and deal with my crazy hair in the humidity!

This was supposed to be a post about what I was going to bring, but I think all I’ll need is this:



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12 responses to “Crying Hysterically in the Rain

  1. merde!!! bloody rain!!
    ah well, its still pretty in the rain.
    Ill remain positive and try and hope that it wont rain (its 30 degrees down south and blue sky its hard to believe its a lot different on the other side!!)

  2. Im hoping for the wind on monday too!!
    I am happy it wont be freezing cold though. Mat and I went in december and we literally froze.
    We went to disney land and stayed in a line outside in -10 degrees for 2 hours!!! (the ride wasnt worth the wait haha)

    bring lots of hair spray!!!

  3. ah that is true!! We will be stuck in no mans land not knowing weather to wear jumpers or not. Im trying to figure out whether i’ll take my leather jacket… i don’t want to have to pack it cause it takes up so much room and is heavy, but i dont want to be out at night cold without it! help! what do you think i should do??

    I don’t like humidity… ugh, sweating and hot – not nice at all!!

    I love disney land! But yes, maybe leave it when you come to paris for a longer time because there is so much to see anyway that giving up a whole day at disney might mean you miss out on seeing other fabulous things!

    you must go to the shop collete! 213 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris
    mat and i live in it when we are in paris! it is amazing!!!!

  4. Thanks hun!! Haha and thats true, we have our boys to keep us warm!!
    Even though your down about the weather :p I am glad I have someone else to get excited with!
    i lovee parisssss

  5. Typical Mediterranean weather! It’s the same here (not where I live but the city where boyfriend lives) except that we get only the humidity and not the rain. Start the packing already!!

  6. Oh shush! You’re going to have an awesome time!

  7. I don’t care about the weather, I’m so jealous that you’re going. But I’m sure you’ll have a grand time.

  8. Lol, I know that kind of thing isn’t a big deal for normal people, but everyone has issues with something, and I have serious issues with my hair going crazy. I’m not proud, but I have been known to cry and take temper tamtrums when it goes wrong!
    It’s the one thing that’s guaranteed to ruin my mood, and I feel sick at the thought that PARIS might be ruined for me. What are the odds that we manage to go during probably the one week of rain during the whole summer!?
    Plus, I’m meeting The Boy’s French family for the first time, and it’s bad enough I can’t speak French and am no good with people I don’t know, without having sweat pouring down me, topped with crazy Monica Hair!
    Lol, I’m not painting a very flattering picture of myself here! I promise I’m nice and sane with everything else in my life …just not my hair ….or my stuff being messed up…. 😀

  9. Paris looks so romantic in the rain if that’s any comfort

  10. Wap

    Normalement, à partir de demain, il devrait faire relativement beau.
    En tout cas, c’est ce qu’ils ont dit.

    De toute façon, même quand Paris est sous la pluie, il y a plein de choses à faire.

  11. Have a lovely time, Paris is so wondrous. Lovely blog!

  12. mercredi

    A paris quand il pleut il ne fait pas chaud. C’est pas compatible lol. (it never both hot and rainy loool)
    Néanmoins il me semblais qu’il allait faire beau… la il fait gris et doux.

    “Typical Mediterranean weather!” what? mediterranean weather is hot but certainly not “rainy”

    and paris is so far from the mediterranée… I’m from Paris and I’d like to travel…
    🙂 I live in Paris and often go to Marseille and montpellier!

    Bon séjour à Paris. You don’t speak french? Don’t worry more and more people speak english here

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