The Trophy that I made for us in Fur and Gold

Is it wrong that I want this jacket????

It’s from the Trophy collection at Topshop and is £180sterling, which means I’ll probably cry at the euro price.

But look at how fun it looks!!!

If you put it on, you’ll be all cool and chic and crazy like this:

Well that’s what is says in the ad anyway….



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10 responses to “The Trophy that I made for us in Fur and Gold

  1. TOTALLY NOT WRONG! I just drooled all over my inbox ‘cos of it. It would be such a great investment piece…

  2. If I could pull off a jacket like this, I would get it without a doubt! So amazing!

  3. Ooh, I love it. It is a little on the expensive side but I think it’s worth it. Lx.

  4. Absolutely amazing. I just spent way too much money at Topshop today. Now I’m going to gawk at the website again.

  5. i’ll be honest… when i saw it alone i thought mmmm i dunno about that one.. then i saw it on the girl and um yes you should def. want that! i want it! so so cute 🙂

  6. LOVE this!! go go glitter jacket!!

  7. May


    I’m all the way in Singapore and I saw this picture at Topshop and immediately asked for it. Unfortunately they haven’t brought in stock yet, but I put my name down on the list just incase they brought it in.

    ❤ May

  8. Ahhh totally want that jacket! Imagine what it would cost if I converted it to Australian dollars. I’d be way past crying…

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